New Experience

    Sunday School

    View PDF Teaching for Conversion
    • Love the youth

      Know them. Pray about them. Ponder their needs.

    • Decide what to teach

      Review monthly doctrinal topics and available outlines.

      Seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

      Counsel with leaders, youth, and parents.

    • Make a plan

      Pray for inspiration.

      Think about the youth and their experiences and circumstances.

      Study the resources and select activities.

    • Help them learn, let them teach

      Engage the youth.

      Adapt your plan according to needs.

      Invite action and application.

    • New Teacher Training

      Newly called teachers of youth can find an introduction and training for Come, Follow Me on the Getting Started page.

    • Download Videos

      Teachers are strongly encouraged to download videos before coming to church (see instructions for downloading).

    • New Toolbar

      A new toolbar has been added to the top of each page of the Come, Follow Me website. This toolbar has links to download materials, provide feedback, share with others, and print pages.

    • Now on LDS Mobile Apps

      Lesson outlines are being added to the Gospel Library mobile app in English. Content is added each month. The Mormon Channel app now has a channel in English for Come, Follow Me media.