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What are the blessings of the temple?

Through the ordinances of the temple, you can receive all of the blessings Heavenly Father wants to give His children. These blessings include living together as eternal families in an exalted state with our Father in Heaven. In addition to the blessings promised in the ordinances, you can receive personal revelation, peace, and continued spiritual growth as you regularly attend the temple. Once you have received temple ordinances for yourself, you can help your ancestors and others receive the same blessings.

Ideas to Help Me Learn

Discuss with others
Read President Thomas S. Monson’s article “Blessings of the Temple” (or watch the video “The Blessings of the Temple”). What blessings of the temple did you learn about? How do you feel about receiving these blessings? Discuss with a family member, friend, or leader what he or she considers to be the blessings of regular temple worship.

Make a plan
Read the stories in Elder Richard G. Scott’s talk “Temple Worship: The Source of Strength and Power in Times of Need.” What blessings have come to him as he has attended the temple? Review the list of suggestions he makes for temple attendance, and consider which might be most meaningful to you. Make a plan to incorporate these suggestions into your own temple worship.

Search the scriptures
Read Doctrine and Covenants 109:22–30; 131:1–3; and 132:19–20, marking or noting the blessings promised from temple worship. Share with a friend or family member—or record in your journal—what you will change in your life now based on your study of the blessings of the temple.

Display a quotation
As you study the resources on this page, choose a quotation that is especially meaningful to you. Display it somewhere that it will inspire you to attend the temple often.

Seek answers in the temple
Read the section titled “Blessings from Attending the Temple” on pages 173–74 of True to the Faith. What are some questions or decisions you are facing? Consider going to the temple seeking answers to a personal question, and record in your journal the impressions you receive.

Study More

Genesis 17:1–7 (see also JST Genesis 17:3–12 [Appendix]); “Abraham, Covenant of,” Bible Dictionary (Abrahamic covenant)

Isaiah 2:2–3 (In the temple, we are taught the ways of the Lord)

Abraham 1:2 (Abraham sought for the eternal blessings of the priesthood)

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