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Temple Preparation

At Church

Church leaders and teachers can support youth as they prepare to receive temple ordinances.

Become familiar with the doctrines, learning outlines, and suggested experiences provided in “My Role in the Work of Salvation—Temple.” Please consider the following suggestions to support the youth as they prepare to attend the temple. You could do this in Sunday classes or quorum meetings, Mutual or other activities, or interviews.

Review the Basics

Ask the Bishopric
Invite a member of the bishopric to talk to the youth about the temple recommend interview (see basic principle 1). Ask him to discuss the Lord’s standards for attending the temple and the importance of being worthy to enter the temple. You also might plan some fun interactions with the bishop on other occasions to help the youth feel more comfortable discussing personal matters with him.

Panel Discussion
As the youth study the resources listed under basic principle 3, invite them to list questions they have about the ordinances of the temple. Plan a panel discussion in which leaders can appropriately answer their questions. If you are concerned about what is and is not appropriate to discuss outside the temple, Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple and Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can guide you in answering questions and sharing information.

Blessings of the Temple
Encourage a discussion among the youth about the blessings they have experienced as they have attended the temple (see basic principle 4). What blessings can you share with them that have come to you through temple worship?

Come, Follow Me
Consider teaching outlines in Come, Follow Me that focus on principles related to the temple, including:

Why are temple ordinances important? (Aaronic Priesthood/Young Women)

Why are ordinances important in my life? (Aaronic Priesthood/Young Women)

Why are covenants important in my life? (Aaronic Priesthood/Young Women)

How can I prepare to receive temple ordinances? (Sunday School)

What spiritual truths can I learn from the ordinances of the gospel? (Sunday School)

How can I deepen my understanding of covenants? (Sunday School)

Study with the Youth

Discussion Group
Organize a discussion group for youth who are studying the individual outlines to prepare for temple ordinances. Give them opportunities to share what they are learning and ask questions.

Plan a meeting to show the youth several of the videos listed in “What happens inside temples?” and “What must I do to be worthy to enter the temple?” After watching each video, give the youth an opportunity to share what they learned about the temple and how they felt.

Family History Consultant
Invite a family history consultant to talk to the youth about family history work. Ask him or her to focus on learning family stories and getting to know their ancestors. Why is it important to provide temple ordinances for these family members? How does understanding that we have eternal bonds help us value learning about our family members? (See “Why is it important to do family history and prepare names for temple ordinances?”)

Act in Faith

Hear from Ward Members
Plan a quorum or class visit to a family history library. Help the youth research their family history and, as possible, prepare names for temple ordinances (see “Learn from Others”).

Family History
Invite ward members who have recently attended the temple for the first time to discuss with the youth what they did—or wish they had done—to prepare to attend the temple. What preparation made a positive impact on their experience? What helped them feel close to their Heavenly Father during their preparation and first experience in the temple? Consider inviting the parents of youth to attend this discussion (see “Baptisms and Confirmations for the Dead”).

Temple Preparation Class
Talk to the bishop so he can organize a temple preparation class for those preparing to receive their own endowment. Encourage parents to attend with their children, or consider attending the course with youth whose parents may not be able to attend. During this class, encourage the youth and parents to share experiences they are having as they prepare to attend the temple. See Endowed from on High: Temple Preparation Seminar Teacher’s Manual.