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    What must I do to be worthy to enter the temple?

    Temples are literally the houses of the Lord, where He may visit. If you come to the temple worthily and spiritually prepared, you will feel His presence and receive personal revelation through the power of the Holy Ghost. In order to enter the temple, you must be living the Lord’s standards and keeping your baptismal covenants. After you certify your worthiness in interviews with priesthood leaders, you may receive a recommend to enter the temple.

    Ideas to Help Me Learn

    Write in a journal
    Read Doctrine and Covenants 97:15–17 and 109:10–12, 20–21 and look for answers to the question “Why does the Lord make worthiness a requirement to enter the temple?” Watch the video “Special Witness—President Eyring” and listen to how President Henry B. Eyring describes his experiences in the temple. Consider writing in your journal your own experiences feeling the power and glory of God in the temple.

    Temple recommend interview
    Read the section titled “Worthy to Enter” in Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple. What do you learn about temple recommend interviews that you didn’t know before? Review the temple recommend questions in Elder Robert D. Hales’s article “Preparing for a Heavenly Marriage,” and think about your answers to these questions. What is the Spirit prompting you to do to more fully live all of the standards required to enter the temple?

    Watch the video “Standing in Holy Places,” and pay attention to the things that the young woman does to prepare herself to enter the temple. How does this video broaden your understanding of your own preparation to enter the temple? What do you feel inspired to do as you watch this video? Make a plan to act on these feelings, and share your plan with a family member, friend, or Church leader.

    For the Strength of Youth
    Read the message from the First Presidency in For the Strength of Youth, and write down the blessings promised to those who live the standards in the booklet. Review those standards, and prayerfully consider what you need to work on to be more worthy to enter the temple. Consider displaying a picture of the temple where you will see it often as a reminder to work on the standards you chose.

    Study More

    Mormon 9:29 (We should do all things in worthiness)

    Psalm 24:3–4; D&C 97:15–17; 109:10–12, 20–21 (No unclean thing should enter the temple)

    Robert D. Hales, “Preparing for a Heavenly Marriage,” New Era, Feb. 2006, 3–5, or Liahona, Feb. 2006, 17–19

    Gordon B. Hinckley, “Keeping the Temple Holy,” Ensign, May 1990, 49–52

    Worthy to Enter,” Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple (2002), 3–5

    For the Strength of Youth

    Video: Special Witnesses—President Eyring

    Video: Standing in Holy Places