New Experience

    What do I need to do to prepare for my own endowment?

    Before you attend the temple to receive your own endowment, you will want to ensure that you are prepared spiritually, mentally, and physically. You likely have been preparing spiritually to attend the temple for months and years and will continue to do so in the weeks leading up to your temple visit. Making a few preparations before you enter the temple, such as receiving a temple recommend, making an appointment with the temple, inviting someone to be your escort, and so on, will ensure your ability to feel the Spirit and focus on the ordinances and covenants you’ll make in the temple.

    Ideas to Help Me Learn

    Study scriptures
    Shortly before you attend the temple to receive your endowment, read the scriptures listed in this outline and suggested by Elder Russell M. Nelson (see “Personal Preparation for Temple Blessings”). They will provide a foundation for your temple experience. As you study these passages, write down any questions you have. After your temple experience, you may want to review these passages again and ponder any insights you’ve gained. What other counsel does Elder Nelson give about preparing for the temple?

    Read the instructions

    After you have made an appointment to receive your own endowment, carefully study the information the temple provides you. As you follow those instructions—including obtaining a temple recommend and purchasing temple garments—ask a family member or leader for guidance as you think of questions or need assistance. Make sure you arrive at the specified time; you won’t want to feel hurried.

    Develop qualities

    As your visit to the temple nears, make a list of the qualities you believe a person who receives a temple endowment should strive to maintain. These qualities might include a desire to learn, a grateful heart, a willingness to serve, and so on. Evaluate your life now in relation to these qualities. Set goals to improve where necessary and to increase these qualities in your life through temple attendance and other personal efforts.

    The temple garment

    In preparation for your visit to the temple, study “The Temple Garment: ‘An Outward Expression of an Inward Commitment.’” Make note of what the article teaches regarding the sacredness of the garment and how it should be worn. What does the Spirit teach you as you ponder these truths? 

    Study More

    Exodus 26–29, 39 (The Israelites were commanded to build a tabernacle)

    Leviticus 8 (Aaron and his sons are washed, anointed, and clothed in priesthood robes)

    2 Samuel 12:20 (David attends the temple)

    2 Chronicles 6–7 (Solomon builds a temple and dedicates it)

    Isaiah 22:20–25 (Isaiah prophecies concerning the Savior’s mission and Atonement)

    Ezekiel 16:60–63 (The Lord establishes an everlasting covenant)

    Moses 1–8 (Moses learns about the plan of salvation)

    Abraham 1–5 (Abraham makes a covenant and is instructed by the Lord)

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