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Introduction to Come, Follow Me

As you prepare to use Come, Follow Me to teach the youth, ponder the following questions and resources.

How did the Savior teach?

  • Can you see the Savior in your mind—with His disciples gathered around Him?

  • What do you notice about His way of teaching and leading?

  • How did He help others learn, grow spiritually, and become converted to His gospel?

Putting youth needs first

Watch the video “Determine What to Teach,” or read Teaching the Gospel in the Savior’s Way, 8.

Questions to Consider

  • How will preparing in this way affect the way youth feel about their classes?

  • How can you work with parents and other teachers to understand what the youth need?

  • What are the needs of the youth you teach? How can Sunday classes help?

Discovering together

Watch the video “Help Us Discover the Gospel,” or read “Learning Outlines” in Teaching the Gospel in the Savior’s Way, 9.

Questions to Consider

  • Why is it important for the youth to discover the truths of the gospel for themselves?

  • What can you do to prepare to teach in this way?

Leading to conversion

Read “Your Purpose” in Teaching the Gospel in the Savior’s Way, 3. Watch the video “Teaching the Gospel in the Savior’s Way,” or read pages 4–5 in Teaching the Gospel in the Savior’s Way.

Questions to Consider

  • How can you help the youth you teach become converted?

  • What can you do to follow the Savior’s example?

Next Steps for Teachers and Leaders of Youth