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Latest News—What’s new for 2016?

2016 Content Update

Come, Follow Me has recently been updated with the latest talks from general conference as well as the newest media produced by the Church. While the monthly doctrinal units have not changed, each unit contains more learning outlines than can be taught in a month, and each outline contains more learning activities than can be taught in one class period. Teachers should continue to select outlines and learning activities based on the needs of the youth they teach.

Ongoing Teacher Development

It is recommended that local units provide ongoing training to teachers of Come, Follow Me to review and reinforce the principles of teaching in the Savior’s way. Resources for training teachers and leaders can be found in the “Getting Started” section on the Come, Follow Me website. Teachers and leaders who are familiar with Come, Follow Me will also be a helpful resource for those who were recently called to teach the youth.

Teaching Videos

Videos have been developed to show teachers a variety of ways to engage youth in learning. Links to these videos are found in the right-hand margins of lesson outlines and in the “Learning and Teaching Ideas” section of the website.

Youth Activities Website

The new youth activities website contains over 160 activity ideas and offers tips for planning effective activities based on the needs of the youth. Many of the lesson outlines in Come, Follow Me include links to activity ideas that can help reinforce what youth learn on Sunday.

Gospel Library Mobile App

Come, Follow Me is now available in multiple languages in the Gospel Library mobile app. Refinements will continue to be made to improve the user experience.

Come, Follow Me DVD

A DVD containing videos for class use and for teacher training will be available through distribution centers in 2016. These videos can also be downloaded.

New Toolbar

A new toolbar has been added to the top of certain pages in the Come, Follow Me website. This toolbar allows you to download materials (including videos and PDFs), provide feedback, share content with others, and print pages.

Downloading Videos

Teachers are strongly encouraged to download videos before coming to church. From the new toolbar, they can download a zip file that contains all the videos for a monthly unit.

Downloadable PDF

PDFs that include Come, Follow Me learning outlines can be downloaded from the new toolbar. This can be helpful for teachers who have limited Internet access and may not be able to access the outlines online each week.