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June: Priesthood and Priesthood Keys

“The keys of the kingdom of God are committed unto man on the earth” (D&C 65:2).

The outlines in this unit will help the young women understand the priesthood and how it can bless them now and in all their future roles as daughters of God. Young women can receive great strength and qualify for the blessings of exaltation as they continually rely upon priesthood authority and participate in priesthood ordinances. Help them learn that the priesthood is the power of God used to bless all of His children equally, both male and female.


Consider how you can plan activities that connect with what the youth are learning. A youth activities site is available to assist you. Many of the learning activities in these outlines could also serve as effective Mutual activities. Work with class presidencies to select and plan appropriate activities that reinforce what the young women learn on Sunday.

Note to the teacher

Be sensitive to young women who live without priesthood authority in the home or have negative examples in their lives. It is important to teach the ideal, but with sensitivity to these situations.