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  •  VideoAm I Good Enough?

    If you will really try and will not rationalize or rebel—repenting often and pleading for grace—you positively are going to be “good enough.”

  •  VideoI Stand All Amazed

    As we ponder the life of Jesus Christ, we will come to know that His sacrifice for us is deeply personal and truly wonderful. BYU’s Vocal Point sings “I Stand All Amazed” in tribute to the mission of the Savior.

  •  VideoA Good Samaritan

    If we will open our hearts to the possibility of providing compassionate service to others, the Lord will bless us to recognize and respond to the opportunities we’re given daily to become modern-day good Samaritans.

  •  VideoTamisha’s Job

    A woman shares how her self-reliance group helped her find purpose and faith during a job search and career transition.

  •  VideoAll I Needed

    God expects us to be self-reliant and give our all. In turn, He will help us in times of need with what we need.

  •  VideoRepentance: A Joyful Choice

    Elder Dale G. Renlund tells a childhood story of lighting a firecracker in the chapel right before church began. He relates his story to the joy of repentance.

  •  VideoDefenders of the Faith

    Marie defended the truth and so can you!

  •  VideoA Witness of God

    Elder Neil L. Andersen describes how all of God’s children are pieces of a large puzzle in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.