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  •  VideoThe Last Testimonies

    We are blessed to learn from the final testimonies of those latter-day prophets and apostles who have passed away.

  •  VideoService through Song

    Every Sunday night, teens flock to a senior center to sing hymns for the elderly. And they’ve been doing it for the past 17 years.

  •  Video2017 Mutual Theme

  •  VideoLife’s Drama

    In matters both temporal and spiritual, the opportunity to assume personal responsibility is a God-given gift without which we cannot realize our full potential.

  •  VideoAll I Needed

    God expects us to be self-reliant and give our all. In turn, He will help us in times of need with what we need.

  •  VideoSharing Your Light

    A young woman from the Philippines shares her faith and hope in knowing that if she sets a good example, those around her can return to following the Savior.

  •  VideoStaying Spiritually Fit

    Just as an athlete prepares daily for game day, when we work on our spirituality daily and give our all to the Lord, we strengthen our testimonies of Him and of the gospel. 

  •  VideoMitch Mobile

    What does it really mean to be “in the service of your fellow beings”? These young men know!