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  •  VideoWhy Am I Here?

    The funny thing about purpose is that you never know when you’re going to find yours.

  •  VideoChoose the Light

    A reckless biker finds himself in a battle against time and the elements when he enters a situation he can’t get out of. He discovers his only option is to choose the light.

  •  VideoThe Last Testimonies

    We are blessed to learn from the final testimonies of those latter-day prophets and apostles who have passed away.

  •  VideoService through Song

    Every Sunday night, teens flock to a senior center to sing hymns for the elderly. And they’ve been doing it for the past 17 years.

  •  Video2017 Mutual Theme

  •  VideoLife’s Drama

    In matters both temporal and spiritual, the opportunity to assume personal responsibility is a God-given gift without which we cannot realize our full potential.

  •  VideoAll I Needed

    God expects us to be self-reliant and give our all. In turn, He will help us in times of need with what we need.

  •  VideoSharing Your Light

    A young woman from the Philippines shares her faith and hope in knowing that if she sets a good example, those around her can return to following the Savior.