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Becoming Strong in the Lord

As we press forward along the strait and narrow path, we build progressive spiritual strength—strength in using our agency to act for ourselves. For both young men and young women, this growth is aided as you learn doctrine and share your testimonies through the new online curriculum, Come, Follow Me.

In addition, use your agency to develop yourself personally. As you discover your gifts and talents, remember that parents and mentors may assist you, but you must let the Spirit guide you. Choose and act for yourself. Be motivated from within. Make a plan for life, including education or vocational training. Explore interests and skills. Work and become self-reliant. Set goals, overcome mistakes, gain experience, and finish what you begin.

Along the way, be sure to participate in family, quorum, class, and combined Mutual activities. Enjoy wholesome fun together. Through these experiences you will come to respect and appreciate one another’s spiritual gifts and the eternal, complementary natures of the sons and daughters of God.

Above all, have faith in the Savior! Fear not! As we diligently live the gospel, we become strong in the Lord.

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