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    Today, surrounded by so much information, we might think that navigating millions of web pages will give us all that we need to know. We can find good and bad information on the web, but information alone is not enough. God has given us another source for greater knowledge, even knowledge sent from heaven. Our Heavenly Father can give us such knowledge when we navigate the celestial web in our hearts and minds. The Prophet Joseph Smith said that he had “the oldest book in [his] heart, even the gift of the Holy Ghost” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith [2007], 132).

    We access this celestial source when we do things such as reading the scriptures, hearkening to the living prophet, and praying. It is also important to take time to be still and feel and follow the celestial promptings. When we do this, we will “feel and see” (3 Nephi 18:25) things that cannot be learned with modern technology. And even more, once we have some experience in navigating this celestial web, we will discern the truth, even when reading secular history or any other topics. The honest seekers of truth will know the truth of all things by the power of the Holy Ghost (see Moroni 10:3–5).

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