ldsXML Scripture Tag Library

This resource provides quick reference to the basic text markup vocabularies of ldsXML for the LDS editions of the scriptures. It is not intended to replace ldsXML schemas, and the schemas themselves should always be viewed as the final authority on ldsXML document validation.

ldsXML was developed by the Curriculum Department as an implementation of the XML 1.0 specification. It is used to mark up textual documents used to create the various books, magazines, and correspondence items produced by the department. ldsXML markup, when properly used, indicates the identity of content components and the overall structure of content and documents. It is also the format in which content will be archived by the department and served to other Church publishing groups for the foreseeable future.

Note: This tag library documents markup structures used in the scriptures. To examine markup structures used for magazines, letters, and other books published by the Curriculum Department, please visit the ldsXML Tag Library.

Additional help …

Visit Using ldsXML for more information about using ldsXML and this tag library.