The Four Donkeys
by Lloyd Alexander; illustrated by Lester Abrams (Holt, Rinehart and Winston).

One morning a tailor, a baker, and a shoemaker set out for the town fair, each thinking only of himself and what he will buy with his profits. When their donkey sits down in the middle of the road and refuses to carry them any farther, the three men are forced to work together. By so doing, they learn about themselves as well as about donkeys. You will find both humor and beauty in the illustrations of this simply-told fable.

Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog
illustrated by Evaline Ness (Holt, Rinehart and Winston).

When poor Mother Hubbard goes to the cupboard to find her old sheep dog a bone, it only begins a fun tale of grins about a dog ruling the home. Whenever Evaline Ness writes or illustrates a book, there is a special treat in store for each reader!

Hoofprint on the Wind
by Ann Nolan Clark; illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker (Viking).

Patcheen lived on a small island off Ireland’s western seacoast. After his father and older brother are drowned, no one believes that Patcheen has a Connemara pony. Even Patcheen sometimes wonders if the horse is real or only one he longs for and sees in his dreams.

And then one day the pony is seen by someone else, and Patcheen is faced with the most difficult decision of his life.

Longhouse Winter
adapted by Hettie Jones; illustrated by Nicholas Gaetano (Holt, Rinehart and Winston).

The five-nation League of the Iroquois Indians is sometimes called The Longhouse. Their legends and stories were told only in the winter when someone said the magic word hanio, which means, “Let’s have a story!” In this beautiful new book with unusual illustrations are four favorite Iroquois stories.

Poetry for Summer
selected by Leland B. Jacobs; drawings by Joan Stover (Garrard).

Here is a collection of short and sunny poems to be read aloud with your family or enjoyed when you are alone. They tell about summer thoughts and sights and sounds, and will help you get ready for the happy season just ahead.

From The Four Donkeys

From Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog

From Hoofprint on the Wind

From Longhouse Winter

From Poetry for Summer