Matt and Mandy

Illustrations by Maryn Roos

Here’s the new Friend maga …

… zine.

Hey, I’ll bet my friend Franco would love this magazine. I could give it to him when we’re finished reading it.

I think Audrey would love it too. I want to give it to her.


Relax kids. I’ll buy another copy. In the meantime, find a fair way to decide who gets this one.

I guess the question is, who wants it more? I want it so much that I would be willing to …

… let me paint your fingernails?


Do you want it badly enough that you would wear my stinky old sneakers to school for a day?

I’m afraid they’d set off the fire alarm.

Hey, Audrey. Here’s a copy of my favorite magazine. I thought you might like it.

Thanks, Mandy. Um, what happened to the cute shoes you usually wear?