Monsters in the Closet

    “Monsters in the Closet,” Friend, Oct. 2013, 36–37

    Monsters in the Closet

    Fear not, let your hearts be comforted (D&C 98:1).

    Monsters in the Closet

    Illustration by Mark Robison

    Abby loved her house. But not the coat closet. She was afraid a monster would jump out of it. Abby always ran by it as fast as she could.

    “Why do we even have a closet, Mommy?” Abby asked one day. “I don’t like being afraid.”

    “Sometimes we’re afraid of what we can’t see,” Mommy said. “You can’t see what’s behind the door. Maybe that’s what scares you.”

    “I always think there might be monsters,” Abby said.

    “I promise there are no monsters. But you could say a prayer to Heavenly Father and ask Him to help you not feel scared,” Mommy said.

    “OK,” Abby said.

    The next day Abby was playing in her room. Mommy called her to come eat. Abby jumped up. Dinner smelled really good.

    She started down the hall. Then she saw the coat closet waiting at the end.

    Abby’s tummy felt tight. She thought about what might be hiding behind the closet door. She wanted to run. Then she thought about what Mommy had said. Abby stopped walking. She folded her arms.

    “Please help me to not be so afraid,” Annie prayed.

    Abby took two slow steps. She didn’t feel afraid any more! She felt warm and safe. She felt like she did when Mommy gave her a hug.

    This time Abby didn’t run past the closet. She stopped right in front of it. She reached out. She touched the handle. Her tummy got tight for a few seconds, but then she remembered her happy feeling. She turned the knob and pulled the door open.

    Abby laughed. “Hey! There aren’t any monsters in here. Just a bunch of coats.”

    She folded her arms again. She bowed her head. “Heavenly Father, thank you for helping me not be afraid.”

    Abby smiled and closed the closet door. She was hungry!