I Choose to Fill My Life with Things That Invite the Spirit

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You can use this lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme.

I Choose to Fill My Life with Things That Invite the Spirit

We can read in the Bible an amazing story about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. King Nebuchadnezzar threw these three friends into a fiery furnace because they refused to worship a golden image he had created. The three Israelites told the king they would worship only God. Because the young men were faithful, God delivered them from the furnace and saved their lives. (See Daniel 3.) This story is about trusting in God and being faithful and courageous. It is also about good friends who help each other choose the right.

Together, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego chose to keep their promise to worship only God. They chose to have faith that God would save them. They chose to not fear the king but to trust in God. President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency, said, “All of us need true friends to love us, to listen to us, to show us the way, and to testify of truth to us” (“True Friends,” Liahona, July 2002, 32; Ensign, May 2002, 29).

Remember, good friends will make a difference in your life by helping you choose the right. Look for friends like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, and be a friend like they were!

Song and Scripture

Just You

Here are some ideas for being a good friend:

  • At the end of a week, write in your journal what you did to be a good friend to someone.

  • Think about ways you could show your love for your friends.

  • Write down how you and your friends can strengthen your faith in God.

  • Share with a parent or Primary leader what you are doing to be a good friend.

CTR Game: Friendship

Play this game to learn more about how to be a good friend. You will need a bean or button for each player and small pieces of paper with “1,” “2,” or “3” written on them. Place these papers in a sack or envelope.

To play, one person chooses a paper and moves his or her bean or button that many spaces. Read what’s on the space and follow the instructions. The game is not over until everyone reaches the end as a good friend!

friendship game(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Brad Teare

You invited a new student to share your bus seat. Move forward one space.

You helped a girl when she got hurt on the playground. Move forward one space.

A girl dropped her lunch tray, but you didn’t help her pick it up. Move back one space.

You shared your lunch with a boy who didn’t have one. Move forward one space.

You ignored a visitor in Primary. Move back one space.

You teased your friend and hurt her feelings. Move back one space.

You gave others the courage to make right choices. Move forward one space.

You laughed at a boy who looks different. Move back one space.

Your family visited a new neighbor. Move forward one space.

You included someone in your game at recess. Move forward one space.

You helped a younger brother with his chores. Move forward one space.

You shared the gospel with a friend. Move forward one space.