I Feel My Savior’s Love

Words by Ralph Rodgers Jr., K. Newell Dayley, and Laurie Huffman

Music by K. Newell Dayley, arranged by Nik Day and Kendra Lowe

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I Feel My Savior’s Love I Feel My Savior’s Love-2

Photograph © kovop58—stock.adobe.com

I feel my Savior’s love

In all the world around me.

His Spirit warms my soul

Through ev’rything I see.

Chorus:He knows I will follow him,

Give all my life to him.

I feel my Savior’s love,

The love he freely gives me.

I feel my Savior’s love;

Its gentleness enfolds me,

And when I kneel to pray,

My heart is filled with peace.


I feel my Savior’s love

And know that he will bless me.

I offer him my heart;

My shepherd he will be.


I’ll share my Savior’s love

By serving others freely.

In serving I am blessed.

In giving I receive.