“@LDSYouth,” New Era, April 2018


    young woman in church

    What if I left? When I first moved here, there were only two other young women in my branch. We became friends and I got to know them very well. But they stopped going to church.

    One time I went to the temple, I saw the mission president. I told him about my friends and asked what I could do to help them return to the Church. He told me to stay where I was, be strong, and to pray for them.

    Soon after that, I saw one of the girls, and I was so happy to see her. When I returned home that night, I prayed, and felt strongly that I definitely needed to stay right where I was and keep going to church, keep going to seminary, and keep being an example to my friends. What if I left and never came back and one of my friends returned to church? Who would be their friend and help them return? Things are easier when we do them together.

    My name is Alyona, and I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

    young man

    Hey, I’m Adam, and I used to live in Trinidad, but my family lives in Canada now. I really like playing basketball and meeting new people. I think it’s important to just be yourself and live what you believe. I have a testimony of the gospel and know that it’s true. We will be happiest if we put God first in our lives and remember Him in everything we do.

    Adam R., 15, British Columbia, Canada

    young men

    I live in Chicago and love playing video games and wrestling with my younger brothers. I also really like math (way more than reading) and want to be a bio-fuel engineer. Nephi’s courage and obedience inspire me to say no to things that go against God’s commandments. I know that if I follow the prophet, obey the commandments, and work hard, Heavenly Father will bless me and my family.

    Esteban M., 13, Illinois, USA