Seek This Jesus

    “Seek This Jesus,” Ensign, December 2018

    Seek This Jesus



    See this Jesus who has come for you

    Wrapped in softness, sleeping now.

    See the baby in the manger there.

    See His tender, gentle brow

    As He rests in peaceful slumber through the night;

    See this Jesus here tonight.

    See the starlight through the stable door;

    Feel the moonbeams cast a glow

    On the footprints of the earthen floor

    As the cattle softly low.

    As He rests beneath the soft and starry light,

    Be with Jesus here tonight.

    Feel His presence reach beyond

    The humble setting as it dawns.

    Seek this Jesus here tonight.

    Seek this Jesus in the light.

    Seek this Jesus who has come for you.

    He is waiting even now,

    Reaching gently for your trembling hand,

    Lightly softening your brow,

    Pouring peace into the shadows of your night.

    Seek this Jesus. Seek His light.

    See this Jesus here tonight.

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