What Would Jesus Do?

    “What Would Jesus Do?” Friend, Apr. 1988, 24–25

    What Would Jesus Do?

    My best friend hit me yesterday.

    I didn’t know what to do.

    My daddy tells me not to hit—

    But boy, I wanted to!

    I stood there with a bright red face.

    My fists were clenched real tight.

    Anger welled within my heart—

    My best friend shook with fright.

    I could have punched him out right then—

    I really wanted to—

    But in my head a soft voice said,

    “Now, what would Jesus do?”

    I prayed a silent prayer for help,

    Then looked into his face.

    The anger quickly left my heart.

    Love came and took its place.

    I told my friend it wasn’t nice

    To hit or start a fight.

    I told of Heavenly Father’s love;

    I taught him what was right.

    Now he and I are better friends

    Than we were yesterday.

    And we will do as Jesus says:

    We’ll listen and obey.


    Illustrated by Julie F. Young