I’m So Blessed

    “I’m So Blessed,” Friend, Nov. 1991, 19

    I’m So Blessed

    I like to eat the pumpkin pie

    (Dessert is always best).

    I like to eat the turkey, too—

    Especially when it’s dressed.

    I like to crunch on crisp, green pickles,

    And celery stuffed with cheese.

    I try to use good manners, saying,

    “Thank-you” and “Yes, please.”

    But when the olives come around,

    I know it looks so grand

    To wear one on each finger

    And eat them off my hand!

    I build a small volcano

    Of potatoes that erupts

    As I pour hot “lava” gravy

    Down the sides and on the top.

    After eating all this scrumptious food—

    And feeling far too full—

    My grandma always asks me,

    “Dear, want another roll?”

    When we’re clearing off the table,

    Washing dishes that are messed,

    It’s important that I stop to say,

    “Thank you—I’m so blessed!”

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki