Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Aug. 2008, 22–23

    Our Creative Friends

    The Sacrament

    When the deacons pass the sacrament to me

    I feel an ever-increasing love for Thee.

    When I think of how Thy blood was shed,

    I remember that Thou hast risen from the dead.

    I know that we can repent of our sins,

    That the righteous side—it always wins!

    Samantha A., age 11, Texas


    To get baptized in the font,

    That experience you really would want.

    You get baptized after eight years old,

    And you’re welcomed into the gospel fold.

    You see your dad when you go down the stairs.

    The joy in his eyes shows he really cares.

    When you get baptized you feel great,

    Then it will be time to celebrate.

    You will feel clean all that day

    Because all your mistakes have been washed away.

    Benson M., age 9, Idaho

    Scripture Power

    Sweet scripture power

    Can lead me to eternal life.

    Righteousness is the way to go.

    I think the scriptures are special.

    Precious stories of the prophets teach us that

    Trust is the key. Scriptures are my

    Umbrella that keeps me dry from sin by

    Reading pages every day.

    Everyone can have faith.

    Scriptures make me feel happy.

    James Brock C., age 7, New York

    A 10-Year-Old Pioneer Girl

    I am a girl at the age of ten,

    Traveling slowly with women and men.

    There are other children too, both young and old.

    This is my story that will be told.

    Across the rolling plains I walk, walk, and walk.

    The only things to pass the time are to talk, sing, and talk.

    So much to bring, to carry, and take.

    The handcart will help me to the Great Salt Lake!

    I push the handcart full of my things,

    My doll, my blanket, my books. Oh, the comfort they bring!

    I pull the handcart both day and night.

    The valley is ahead. It’s coming in sight!

    I can’t wait to get there to make a new home.

    New friends will be waiting. I won’t be alone.

    I think of the valley I can almost see.

    How beautiful it is and how happy I’ll be!

    Amanda B., age 10, Utah


    1 Branson R., age 6, Washington

    2 Meg W., age 9, Alberta, Canada

    3 Inoshi Shenali P., age 7, Victoria, Australia

    4 Trevor J., age 6, California

    5 Ashley B., age 8, Utah

    6 Gabriella F., age 7, New Hampshire

    7 Torin P., age 10, Texas

    8 Haley S., age 9, Montana

    9 Emily C., age 6, Illinois

    10 Kolton B., age 10, Oregon

    11 Riley P., age 9, Arizona

    12 Benjamin T., age 7, Germany

    13 David E., age 11, Utah

    14 Austin B., age 7, Missouri

    15 Hailey H., age 6, Florida