Taking Care of Me!

    “Taking Care of Me!” Friend, August 2011, 10

    Taking Care of Me!

    Bikes and cell phones come with instructions that tell people how to take care of them. Look at the instructions below for taking care of your body. Put a check mark by the ones you already understand. Ask a parent about any that you need to know more about.

    Keep It Strong

    • Fuel your body with plenty of healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and grains.

    • Avoid filling up on junk foods and sugary drinks.

    • Drink plenty of water, especially in hot weather.

    • Don’t drink coffee, tea, or alcoholic drinks.

    • Don’t smoke or use tobacco.

    • Don’t take any pills, medicines, drugs, or vitamins without a parent’s permission.

    • Don’t take candy or anything else to eat or drink from a person you don’t know and trust.

    • Protect your lungs and brain by never intentionally smelling harmful fumes or trying to make yourself pass out. If you see someone doing either of these things, tell an adult immediately.

    • Get plenty of sleep.

    • Exercise and play often to make your body strong.

    Keep It Safe

    • Use proper safety equipment, such as a helmet for bike riding or skateboarding and a seatbelt when you are in a car.

    • Don’t do risky or unsafe things, even if others are doing them.

    • Remember, the areas of your body that are covered when you wear a swimsuit are private. Sometimes a doctor or nurse may need to see these areas, but only with your permission. No one else, including your friends, should see or touch these areas.

    • It’s OK to say, “No!” if someone tries to look at or touch a private area of your body.

    • If anyone touches you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or is inappropriate, it is not your fault. You can talk about it with a grownup you trust. And you can keep talking about it until you find help to make the problem stop.

    Appreciate It

    • Remember that Heavenly Father gave you a body to help you learn, grow, and serve others.

    • Your body is unique, with its own size, shape, and abilities.

    • Don’t compare your body to other people’s. Your body is special and just right for you.

    • Keep your body clean, dress it modestly, and treat it with respect.

    • Write down the names of some of your body parts—eyes, ears, arms, legs. Write down something about each body part that you are thankful for. Think how you can show your gratitude to Heavenly Father for these gifts.

    Illustrations by Brad Teare