Guide to the Friend

    “Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Jan. 2013, 48

    Guide to the Friend

    Possible Ideas for Family Home Evening

    1. Read “The Five-Dollar Miracle” (pages 2–3). Talk about how God answers our prayers.

    2. Read “Two Houses Where Joseph Smith Lived” (pages 4–5). Talk about why it is important to learn about Church history. Pull out the “On the Trail” map (pages 24–25) and display it somewhere in the house. Cut out and paste the icon found in this month’s issue (pages 4–5). Make a goal to complete this map and learn more about Church history in each month’s issue of the Friend this year.

    3. As a family, read “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission” (page 11). Follow the instructions and make lists of both individual and family goals. Make plans to follow up on each other’s goals as you work to achieve them.

    4. Read “Practice, Practice, Practice” (pages 22–23). Talk about why the Articles of Faith are an important part of our testimonies. As a family, memorize one article of faith together.

    5. Use the Bringing Primary Home lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme (pages 40–41).