Juliana Gives a Talk

    “Juliana Gives a Talk,” Friend, Feb. 2015, 36–39

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    Juliana Gives a Talk

    Juliana Gives a Talk

    Juliana was a little bit scared to give a talk in Primary.

    Grandma gave Juliana a hug. “Heavenly Father will help you,” she whispered.

    When it was her turn, Juliana saw her friends, her teacher, and Grandma and Grandpa all smiling at her. Then she gave her talk.

    “I am a child of God. I show that I love Heavenly Father by learning about Jesus, saying my prayers, and helping my family. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus love me too. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

    After Primary, Juliana gave Grandma a big hug. “I stopped being scared,” she said. “I knew Heavenly Father was helping me.”