Snacks & Crafts

    “Snacks & Crafts,” Friend, September 2017

    Snacks & Crafts

    Snacks and Crafts

    Illustrations by Brad Teare

    Crispy Apple Chips

    With an adult’s help, cut a few apples in half. Set them cut-side down and slice them as thin as you can. Spread the slices on parchment paper or lightly greased aluminum foil on a baking sheet. Sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar. Bake at 225ºF (105ºC) for about 1 hour, then flip the slices over, sprinkle more cinnamon sugar, and bake for another hour. The slices should curl up at the edges as they bake, and when they cool off, they should be crunchy.

    Stained Glass Flowers

    Pick some fresh leaves and wildflowers. (But don’t pick from someone’s garden without permission!) Arrange them on the sticky side of a sheet of clear contact paper. Put another piece of contact paper on the back so that the two sticky sides are stuck together. Hang it in a window and see how cool it looks when the sun shines through!