My Journal

    “My Journal,” Tambuli, Aug. 1983, C7

    My Journal

    Sometimes Joby forgot things like the time he forgot not to laugh when his brother fell down the stairs. Another time he forgot to walk straight home after school.

    But what Joby didn’t forget was something he did every night before he went to bed. Something besides saying his prayers. It was something he had heard the prophet, President Spencer W. Kimball, talk about many times during general conferences. That something was keeping a daily journal.

    One particular family home evening I asked Joby if he would share some of his thoughts and feelings with children all over the world.

    Here are a few entries from Joby’s daily journal:

    March 18: I sang in sacrament meeting on a Primary program.

    April 2: We watched a television show about Jesus, and I saw my dad crying when they hung Jesus on the cross.

    April 17: I did the family home evening lesson. Mom and Dad helped me.

    April 26: Mom’s real busy with her new Church job. I saw her praying about it.

    April 27: It isn’t the same when the baby-sitter tucks me in.

    May 17: I love my dad.

    May 24: I passed kindergarten. I guess I’m sort of getting grown-up.

    June 10: Today we went to church. Sometimes I think I don’t want to go, but I know that is where Heavenly Father wants me to be. I just know.

    June 12: We went to a cabin in the mountains. We fed the birds and squirrels and ran around alot. It got dark, and we heard strange sounds, but that was OK because Mom said Heavenly Father was close-by.

    June 21: Dad rewarded me for each grasshopper I took out of the garden because he doesn’t want to hurt them. He says all of God’s creatures have feelings.

    June 26: We went to Uncle David’s.

    June 27: I let my grasshoppers go. I think they were homesick.

    June 30: I watched my red ants making tunnels. Heavenly Father must have good eyes to make such tiny things. I can’t even see how their legs go on.

    July 5: Great-Grandma’s birthday. She’s real old today.

    July 12: Went to the mountains with Dad. We got rocks and slept up there. It got real dark and cold.

    August 13: We put some pretty flowers on Grandpa’s grave. I miss him.