Ammon Meets King Lamoni’s Father

    “Ammon Meets King Lamoni’s Father,” Tambuli, Aug. 1993, 2

    Ammon Meets King Lamoni’s Father

    Lamoni wants Ammon to meet his father

    King Lamoni wanted to take Ammon to meet his father. The Lord warned Ammon not to go, because Lamoni’s father would try to kill him. Alma 20:1–2

    Ammon goes to land of Middoni

    The Lord told Ammon to go to the land of Middoni, where his brother Aaron was in prison. King Lamoni went with Ammon. Alma 20:3–4

    They met Lamoni’s father

    As they traveled, they met King Lamoni’s father, the king over all the land. He asked Lamoni where he was going with a lying Nephite. Alma 20:8, 10

    His father wanted Lamoni to kill Ammon

    Lamoni told his father about Ammon and his brothers. Angry, Lamoni’s father ordered Lamoni to kill Ammon and to not go to the land of Middoni. Alma 20:11–14

    Lamoni refused

    Lamoni would not kill Ammon and said that they were going to free Aaron. His father became angrier and raised his sword to kill Lamoni. Alma 20:15–16

    Ammon defended Lamoni

    When Ammon stepped forward to protect Lamoni, his father tried to kill Ammon. He defended himself and wounded the arm of Lamoni’s father. Alma 20:17–20

    Ammon could kill Lamoni’s father

    When Lamoni’s father saw that Ammon could kill him, he said that he would give Ammon up to half his kingdom to spare his life. Alma 20:21–23

    Ammon wanted the other missionaries freed

    Ammon said that he wanted Aaron and his companions to be freed from prison, and for the old king to not be angry with Lamoni. Alma 20:24

    Lamoni’s father wanted to learn more

    Seeing that Ammon did not want to hurt him, and amazed at how much Ammon loved Lamoni, the old king invited Ammon and his brothers to teach him. Alma 20:25–27

    Aaron and others freed

    Ammon and King Lamoni went to the land of Middoni. Lamoni spoke with the king there, and Aaron and his companions were set free. Alma 20:28

    They had been treated badly

    Ammon was sad to see how badly they had been treated. They had suffered many things, but they had been patient in their sufferings. Alma 20:29

    Illustrated by Jerry Thompson