Christmas Advent Wreath

    “Christmas Advent Wreath,” Liahona, Dec. 2005, F8–F9, F16

    Christmas Advent Wreath


    Remove pages F8–F9 and F16, and mount them on heavy paper. Cut out the numbered pictures, the wreath, and the slits marked with heavy black lines. Punch a hole near the top of the wreath, and attach a piece of string or ribbon as a hanger. Beginning on December 1, find the numbered picture for that day. Read the activity on the tab, and do it that day. After you have completed the activity, place the tab in the corresponding numbered slot on the wreath so the picture can be seen.

    advent wreath, top
    advent wreath, bottom

    Illustrated by Elise Black

    Note: If you do not wish to remove pages from the magazine, this activity may be copied, traced, or printed from the Internet at For English, click on “Gospel Library.” For other languages, click on the world map.

    advent wreath cutouts

    Illustrated by Elise Black

    1 Secretly help someone in your family.
    2 Choose the right all day.
    3 Visit someone who is lonely or sick.
    4 Thank your Primary teacher.
    5 Do a chore without being asked.
    6 Give everyone in your family a hug.
    7 Read “Nigerian Christmas” (pp. F12–F14) with your family.
    8 Draw a Christmas picture, and give it to someone.
    9 E-mail, telephone, or visit grandparents or relatives.
    10 Take a surprise to a neighbor.
    11 Thank your bishop or branch president.
    12 Sing a favorite Christmas song.
    13 Name three things you are thankful for.
    14 Volunteer to say the family prayer.
    15 Name one way you can follow the Savior.
    16 Read the Christmas message from the First Presidency (pp. F2–F3).
    17 Clean your room.
    18 Remember the Savior during the sacrament.
    19 Study about Joseph Smith (pp. F10–F11) with your family.
    20 Draw a picture of an event in the Prophet Joseph Smith’s life.
    21 Do the Sharing Time activity (pp. F4–F5) with your family.
    22 Let someone else be first.
    23 Think about the Prophet Joseph Smith, born 200 years ago today.
    24 Read Luke 2:1–20 with your family.