Conference Story Index

    “Conference Story Index,” Liahona, May 2009, 130

    Conference Story Index

    The following is a list of selected experiences from general conference addresses for use in personal study, family home evening, and other teaching. Number refers to the first page of the talk.




    Elder Robert D. Hales

    Sister Hales chooses not to buy a dress she could not afford and, later, not to buy a coat she did not need (7).

    debt, money management, provident living

    Elder Allan F. Packer

    Young Elder Packer hears the voice of his football coach above the noise of the crowd (17).

    Holy Ghost, revelation

    Elder D. Todd Christofferson

    A family in Peru loses all of its possessions in an earthquake but remains strong and cheerful (19).

    faith, spiritual strength

    President Henry B. Eyring

    President Eyring’s bishop serves others despite health challenges (23).

    adversity, service

    Elder M. Russell Ballard

    Elder Ballard decides to sell a certain model of car despite his father’s counsel not to do so (31).

    agency, experience, faith, learning

    Elder Quentin L. Cook

    Charles Dickens is impressed with Latter-day Saint emigrants (34).


    Elder Rafael E. Pino

    Three-year-old daughter of Alvarez family drowns, but family finds comfort in temple covenants (41).

    adversity, Atonement, comfort, death, faith, hope

    Elder Richard G. Scott

    Elder and Sister Scott are comforted by the promises of the temple following the death of two children (43).

    adversity, children, death, hope, sealing

    Bishop Richard C. Edgley

    Ward employment specialist helps members find jobs (53).

    charity, priesthood, self-reliance

    Elders quorum helps member start his own business (53).

    priesthood, self-reliance, service

    Elder Claudio R. M. Costa

    A couple serves and remains faithful in the Church despite facing multiple challenges (56).

    adversity, commitment, duty, faith

    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

    A plane crashes because the crew became distracted by a small burned-out lightbulb (59).

    duty, priorities, temptation

    President Henry B. Eyring

    In mortal danger, soldiers protect their fallen comrades (63).

    courage, duty, service

    President Thomas S. Monson

    Woman in New York City prays for and receives a visit from the missionaries (67).


    A high school band member becomes sick but is healed by a priesthood blessing (67).


    Elder Steven E. Snow

    Robert Gardner Jr. responds well to change and adversity throughout his life (81).

    change, challenges, faith

    Barbara Thompson

    Sister Thompson is served by her ward after a tree falls in her yard (83).

    kindness, service

    President Thomas S. Monson

    President Monson’s great-grandparents lose their son during their journey to the Salt Lake Valley (89).

    adversity, death, endurance, faith, pioneers

    A blind man seeks a priesthood blessing (89).


    A woman endures trials as she travels from East Prussia to Western Germany (89).

    adversity, faith

    Ann M. Dibb

    A young woman completes all 80 goals in her Beehive Girl’s Handbook, including a trip to the temple (114).

    goals, obedience, temple work