“Comment,” Liahona, July 2009, 1


    Closer to Heavenly Father

    I am truly pleased to receive the Liahona each month. It brings important articles about how to live our lives. Thanks to the conference issues, which bring the messages from the prophet and other Church leaders, I have learned what Heavenly Father wants us to do and how we should do it. The issues have excellent messages to use in our family home evenings. The first things I look for in the Liahona are the articles for the youth, and each time I read them, I feel more secure and closer to Heavenly Father.

    Karina Chavez, Nicaragua

    Strength to Overcome

    I use the Liahona as a guide in my life. It lets us observe modern people’s lives and see ourselves in the same situations. I also use their experiences in my talks and in family home evening. The examples in the Liahona have also helped a friend understand that we are Christians and that while we face problems just as everyone does, the gospel gives us the strength to overcome.

    Ana Perlini, England