“Comment,” Liahona, Feb. 2010, 79


    It Changed My Life

    I have read the Liahona since I became a member of the Church when I was 14 years old. The magazine has truly changed my personal life and the lives of my family members.

    I served a mission, and as soon as we baptized new members, I gave them a subscription to the magazine because I knew it would help them as it did me.

    Yormys Gonzalez, Venezuela

    I Learned the Meaning of Life

    The Liahona magazine has given me knowledge, and this knowledge has helped me in my relationship with others.

    I can relate to the stories I have read, especially “Preparing for a Mission” (Oct. 2008, F14) and “Never Forget That You Are a Mormon” (Jan. 2009, 44).

    The magazine has helped me realize the meaning of life; it has given me power.

    Hilbert A. Guzman, Philippines

    A Spirit of Peace

    I read the message from President Thomas S. Monson in the December 2008 Liahona (“The Best Christmas Ever,” 2), and I was filled with a spirit of generosity and peace. My thoughts were directed toward Christ and to walking in His steps.

    Thank you for the Liahona, for bringing so much light and peace to our souls.

    Cristiano Robson Prestes, Brazil