The Perfect Treasure to Share

    “The Perfect Treasure to Share,” Liahona, January 2019

    The Perfect Treasure to Share

    The Perfect Treasure to Share

    “Tomorrow is very special,” Diego’s teacher said. “We’re going to have Show and Tell!”

    Diego smiled. He loved Show and Tell! He couldn’t wait to show his friends something special.

    After school, Diego told Mama the great news.

    “What should I take?” he asked.

    “Something special to you,” Mama said.

    “I can bring Lobo!”

    “I don’t think we can take a dog to school,” Mama said. “But there are other special treasures you can share.”

    Soon Diego’s treasure hunt began! He found a stuffed monkey. Should he take him? But Diego kept looking.

    He looked behind the kitchen chairs. He looked on the bookshelf. He wouldn’t stop until he found something just right.

    Then he looked by his bed. He found the perfect thing!

    Diego ran to show Mama. He held his treasure tight.

    “Mama!” he said. “Look! I found the best thing.”

    He held up a small picture for Mama to see. It was a picture of Jesus as a little boy. Diego felt good when he looked at the picture. He wanted his friends at school to feel good too.

    “That is a special thing for Show and Tell,” Mama said. “What will you tell your class about Jesus?”

    “That everyone can be happy,” he said. “Because Jesus loves everyone!”