To Those Who Will Not

    “To Those Who Will Not,” New Era, Jan. 1971, 50

    To Those Who Will Not

    The blind are those who refuse to see;

    The dead are those who will not live;

    The deaf are those who try not to hear;

    The mute are those who have nothing to say.

    I, a senseless man, am all:

    Too blind to see a growing thing;

    Too dead to feel the sun;

    Too deaf to hear a morning bird;

    Too mute to thank my God.

    I, a senseless man, am all.

    As I run, I crush the growing thing;

    In my mind, I hide from the Son.

    I lie and deny me the morning bird;

    I speak with my heart in a cage.

    I, a senseless man, do all.

    And yet—

    Still there is a growing thing;

    Still there is the sun;

    Still sweetly sings the morning bird;

    Still God is never gone.

    I, no longer senseless, feel love.