What Do You Believe?

    “What Do You Believe?” New Era, Sep. 2007, 45

    What Do You Believe?

    In my English class we were having a debate about evolution. We easily wandered into the topic of religion. Some students started to ask what members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe. My teacher could not answer the questions.

    So he said, “Aleesha, why don’t you tell us what you believe?” I knew that I could not turn this opportunity down. I stood up and told the class some of our basic beliefs. They asked a few questions, which I was able to answer. After class, one girl came up to me and asked me how to learn more. I gave her a Book of Mormon the next day.

    The gospel has never made so much sense to me. Being able to share my beliefs with my peers at school strengthened my testimony so much.