Be Strong

    “Be Strong,” New Era, Feb. 2010, 8–9

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    Be Strong

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    1. When the world and its temptations seem to call you by name, be strong. Be strong.

    When they question ev’rything you put your faith in ev’ry day, be strong. Be strong.

    And when your trials seem like they’re too hard to bear,

    remember someone else stands by you who’s already been there.

    Be strong and of good courage!

    Be not afraid. Stand firm in the faith.

    For the Lord will be with us wherever we go.

    Be His. Be one. Be strong!

    2. When the world tries to convince you to make the wrong choice, be strong. Be strong.

    If in the noise that’s all around you can’t hear the Spirit’s voice be strong. Be strong.

    And when you stand for something right and stand alone,

    remember someone else stands by you in our heavenly home.

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    Photograph by Jed Clark