The Extra Smile

    “The Extra Smile,” New Era, Oct. 2013, 45

    The Extra Smile

    family shopping

    “Wow! Goblins, ghosts, monsters—what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen, Dad?”

    “My 16-year-old son asking for my car keys!”

    Ryan Stoker

    son and father

    “Mount Rushmore cost taxpayers millions of dollars. If it were up to me, I would have made their faces into Pez dispensers instead.”

    Randy Glasbergen

    king on throne

    King Lamoni ponders a recent acquaintance.

    “That Ammon is a rather disarming fellow …

    Kevin Beckstrom

    Noah’s ark

    “I’m going to feed the giraffes.”

    Val Chadwick Bagley