Church Provides Humanitarian Assistance

    “Church Provides Humanitarian Assistance,” Ensign, Jan. 2000, 79

    Church Provides Humanitarian Assistance

    Flooding in Mexico

    Heavy rains caused flooding and mud slides in southeastern Mexico during October. Although no members were among more than 350 people reported killed, more than 3,500 members were temporarily evacuated, about 730 homes of members were damaged or destroyed, and about 130 member families lost virtually all their possessions. Seven Church meetinghouses were used as shelters, and 12 meetinghouses were damaged by the flooding.

    Local Church funds were used to purchase relief supplies for members, and Church humanitarian funds were used to buy food for distribution to people of other faiths. In addition, five truckloads of food, quilts, and other supplies were shipped to Mexico from Salt Lake City. Members in Mexico also donated clothing and food and were busy “like a beehive, sorting clothing, separating the food, packing boxes for babies, children, teenagers, and men and women,” said Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen of the Seventy, President of the Mexico North Area. “The response of the Saints has been fantastic.”

    Quilts for Kosovo and Beyond

    In response to an invitation by the Relief Society general presidency, members throughout the United States and Canada have made and donated more than 77,000 quilts to the Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center for distribution to needy people.

    Originally intended to assist war refugees in Kosovo during the coming winter, the quilts have also been sent to victims of more recent disasters in Mexico, Turkey, and other areas.

    In voicing appreciation to Church members for their generous service, Church leaders say that the response exceeded identifiable need and there is no need for additional quilts at this time.

    [photo] Bishop Mario Alarcón and his wife, Maria, who benefited from humanitarian assistance, stand in front of their flood-damaged home in Poza Rica, Mexico. (Photo by Garry R. Flake.)

    [photo] More than 77,000 donated quilts have been gathered at the Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center for distribution to the needy. (Photo by Marta Storwick, Deseret News.)