Policies and Announcements

    “Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Jan. 2000, 78–79

    Policies and Announcements

    Monday Night Activities

    The First Presidency wrote the following letter dated 4 October 1999, addressed to members of the Church throughout the world, and bearing the instructions “To Be Discussed in Stake and Ward Councils, Read in Sacrament Meeting, and Delivered to Homes by Home Teachers.”

    Monday nights are reserved throughout the Church for family home evenings. We encourage members to set aside this time to strengthen family ties and teach the gospel in their homes.

    Earlier this year we called on parents to devote their best efforts to the teaching and rearing of their children in gospel principles which will keep them close to the Church. We also counseled parents and children to give highest priority to family prayer, family home evening, gospel study and instruction, and wholesome family activities.

    We urge members, where possible, to avoid holding receptions or other similar activities on Monday evenings. Where practical, members may also want to encourage community and school leaders to avoid scheduling activities on Monday evenings that require children or parents to be away from their homes.

    Church buildings and facilities should be closed on Monday evenings. No ward or stake activities should be planned, and other interruptions to family home evenings should be avoided.

    ZCMI Department Stores to Merge

    The 14 ZCMI department stores in Utah and Idaho are the outgrowth of an early pioneer effort organized by President Brigham Young and known as the Zion’s Cooperative Mercantile Institution. On 14 October the ZCMI Reserve Trust, a charitable trust of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that holds 51.7 percent of outstanding ZCMI stock, signed a merger agreement allowing May Department Stores Company to acquire the ZCMI chain.

    During a transitional period while the ZCMI name remains in use, the department stores will not be open on Sundays. The May Company also agreed to keep the downtown Salt Lake City store permanently closed on Sundays, even after the ZCMI name is removed.