Fear Not, My Child

    “Fear Not, My Child,” Ensign, Oct. 2013, 67

    Fear Not, My Child


    came to us from God—

    a child so pure

    that in your trip to earth

    you didn’t need to stay and prove to Him

    that you would do His will.

    God only needed someone willing

    to create for you a home—

    and then to let you go.

    How blessed are we,

    for He has chosen us.

    And though we weep,

    peace comes in knowing

    that death will only bring

    the sleep that wakens you to life again

    to breathe the warmth of paradise.

    Fear not, my child.

    We will be together soon

    and hold you in our arms—

    encircled in celestial love

    that unites us with our God.