In Other Church Magazines

    “In Other Church Magazines,” Ensign, Oct. 2013, 75

    In Other Church Magazines

    The New Era

    Developing Christlike Attributes

    This month’s Come, Follow Me lessons for youth focus on becoming more Christlike. One of the lesson outlines for Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women asks, “How can I become more Christlike?” Find ways to develop Christlike attributes using key teachings from Preach My Gospel in “Follow in His Footsteps” on page 40.

    Real Mission Life

    Youth often wonder what it’s like to be a full-time missionary. In “Mission Life” on page 18, see what missionaries do in a typical week as they strive to bring souls unto Christ.

    A Preach My Gospel Missionary

    If you want advice on how to prepare to be the best missionary you can, read Elder David A. Bednar’s “Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary” on page 2. Here Elder Bednar gives specific counsel on what it means to be an authorized servant of the Lord.

    The Friend

    Be a Missionary!

    Stories in the October Friend show how anyone can be a missionary—even in unexpected ways. “Prayers on the Pitcher’s Mound” (page 10) tells about a team who used baseball to share the gospel. You can read accounts from children on how they have been missionaries in “I Can Be a Missionary Now” (page 24). In “Family MTC” (page 26), a young boy prepares to go on a mission—even though it’s still eight years away. Read more about the Primary theme, “I Will Share the Gospel with All of God’s Children,” on page 28.

    Face Your Fears

    The October issue features stories of children overcoming their fears. In “Monsters in the Closet” (page 36), Abby faces her fears through prayer, while in “Brand-New Deacon” (page 46), Benji overcomes his nerves about passing the sacrament for the first time.