I Like Round Things

    “I Like Round Things,” Friend, May 1983, 18–19

    I Like Round Things

    I like round things:

    Balloons floating from strings;

    Balls to bounce, balls to kick;

    Hoops to roll with a stick;

    The moon; buttons of every size;

    The sun sailing across the skies;

    Dewdrops, like bright jewels in grass;

    And raindrops on the window glass.

    I like to make round things:

    Dandelion crowns, daisy rings;

    Long paper chains and rosettes;

    Somersaults and pirouettes;

    Dots and circles and bubbles that fly

    Higher and higher into the sky;

    Cakes and cookies with faces that smile;

    Lovely fat doughnuts once in a while.

    I like things that go spinning ‘round:

    The wheels of my bike; a pinwheel I found;

    Tops, carousels turning dizzily;

    Skates and Ferris wheels circling busily.

    All round things are as nice as nice can be—

    Things that go, things to make, things to see.

    But the round things I like especially

    Are the hugs of friends and family!

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney