A Revelation about War

    “A Revelation about War,” Friend, June 1986, 20

    A Revelation about War

    Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)

    (See D&C 87:1–3; History of the Church, 1:301.)

    The gospel makes people happy

    1 Many people were being baptized into the Church, and the gospel made them happy. But the Saints worried about things that were happening in other lands.

    Natural disasters in other lands

    2 There were earthquakes and epidemics of cholera and the plague, and many people were dying.

    Sad things in the US also

    3 Sad things were also happening in the United States. People in some states quarreled with people in other states.

    Revelation on war

    4 On Christmas day, 1832, Joseph Smith received a revelation on war.

    The Civil War

    5 The Lord told the Prophet Joseph Smith that there would be a war between the Southern States and the Northern States.

    War in all nations

    6 Later there would be wars in all nations.

    If we obey, we wouldn’t fight

    7 Joseph was sad to learn that there would be wars. He knew that if people obeyed God’s commandments, they would not fight each other.