Daddy’s Shoes

    “Daddy’s Shoes,” Friend, June 1986, 32

    Daddy’s Shoes

    Whenever I do things for Mom,

    Dad says I “fill his shoes.”

    How can that be? They’re much too large!

    I’ll check each pair for clues:

    My daddy’s work boots lace up high;

    They’re leather, and they’re strong.

    You couldn’t choose a better pair

    To work in all day long.

    For Sundays and dress-up affairs,

    His shoes are shiny bright.

    Dad looks just grand from head to toe—

    He’s such a handsome sight!

    He has some large black winter boots;

    He wears them when it snows.

    They buckle snugly ’round his feet;

    They don’t have ties or bows.

    Before bedtime, or after baths,

    Dad’s slippers are his choice.

    The shoes he wears for basketball

    Sure have a squeaky voice!

    My daddy’s shoes are still too large

    (I’ve tried them all again),

    But Dad says that I fill them

    ‘Cause I help like grown-up men.

    Illustrated by Elise Niven Black