One-Girl Primary

    “One-Girl Primary,” Friend, Apr. 2016, 14–15

    Friends Who Stand Tall

    One-Girl Primary

    One-Girl Primary

    Hi, I’m Arwen! I’m from New Mexico, USA. I like to play games and use my imagination. And I’m the only person in my Primary!

    What Standing Tall Means to Me

    To me, standing tall means standing up for yourself and holding to the right. You can stand tall by having faith in Jesus Christ, reading the scriptures, and living God’s standards.

    Small-Town Life

    We live in a very small town. There aren’t many people my age, so I spend lots of time with my family. My older sisters and I take care of our horses, chickens, goats, and cats. My grandparents live across the street, and we help them with their animals too.

    Just Me in Primary

    It’s pretty interesting to be the only person in Primary. I meet with my teachers in the lobby of the building. We have a lesson and sharing time. I always get called on to answer the teacher’s questions!

    Our small branch meets in a rented building every Sunday. After sacrament meeting I gather the hymnbooks and put them away. I like to help out!

    Sharing the Gospel

    One time I shared the gospel with my friend. I told him about agency. It didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. Even though he wasn’t interested, I’m glad I shared. After church on Sundays, I leave flyers about on the tables so other people who use the building will see them.

    Stand Tall!

    • Look for ways to help out at church.

    • If someone is sitting alone in your Primary class, sit by them.

    • Find a creative way to share the gospel.