What is it like to be an Apostle?

    “What is it like to be an Apostle?” Friend, Apr. 2016, 12–13

    Answers from an Apostle

    What do Apostles do?

    From Elder and Sister Bednar’s Face to Face worldwide broadcast.

    Answers from an Apostle

    Apostles are servants of the Lord. They travel to visit members of the Church around the world.

    The first time I traveled as an Apostle, I met a man who had a hard time living the Word of Wisdom. I told him, “The Lord sent me here to give you a very simple message: ‘You can do this. I promise you will have His help as you face this challenge.’”

    Would the Lord send one of the Twelve Apostles halfway around the world to help just one person? The answer is yes. He does it all the time.