Friends by Mail

    “Friends by Mail,” Friend, April 2018

    Friends by Mail

    Friends by Mail

    A Poem for the Friend!

    It’s something to cheer

    When life seems so blue.

    It’s a safe place from my fears;

    Funstuff’s in there too.

    When life seems it’s broken,

    I know there is hope.

    You don’t need a token—

    No need to mope.

    Don’t worry, there’s no limit

    To how old you can be.

    The Friend is for everyone.

    It’s for you; it’s for me.

    Sosaia T., age 10, Montana, USA

    How We Read the Friend

    We like to go on walks and family adventures with the Friend!

    Alma, Linda, and Emily S., ages 10, 8, and 6, New York, USA

    Conference Creative Cuts

    During general conference, we used art from old Friend magazines to make creative pictures.

    Joshua, Maylie, and Emma P., ages 11, 9, and 6, Idaho, USA

    Dear Friends,

    April is a special month because we celebrate Easter. It’s also when we celebrate the Church being organized—188 years ago! On page 24 you can learn what that means to us today. Then you can read about a boy who got a priesthood blessing (page 8) and learn how we can all help the work of the priesthood (pages 32–34). We hope you’ll also like the new song, on page 11!


    The Friend