Nephi and Lehi in Prison

    “Nephi and Lehi in Prison,” Liahona, Oct. 1995, 13

    Nephi and Lehi in Prison

    Nephi and Lehi

    Nephi and Lehi, Helaman’s sons, were named after the Lehi and Nephi who had left Jerusalem. Helaman wanted his sons to be righteous like them. Hel. 5:4–7

    believed in Christ

    Helaman taught his sons to believe in Jesus Christ. They learned that forgiveness of sin comes through faith and repentance. Hel. 5:9–12

    They were missionaries

    Nephi and Lehi went as missionaries to teach the word of God to the Nephites and the Lamanites. Thousands of people were baptized. Hel. 5:14–19

    They were put in jail by Lamanites

    When Nephi and Lehi went to the land of Nephi, an army of Lamanites threw them into prison and left them there for many days without food. Hel. 5:20–22

    Protected by a ring of fire

    The Lamanites came to kill Nephi and Lehi, but they were protected by a ring of fire. The Lamanites dared not touch them for fear of being burned. Hel. 5:23

    They were not burned

    Nephi and Lehi were not burned by the fire. They told the Lamanites that the power of God was protecting them. Hel. 5:24–26

    Could of darkness

    The earth shook, and the walls of the prison trembled. A cloud of darkness covered all the people in the prison; they were afraid. Hel. 5:27–28

    A voice was heard

    A voice spoke through the darkness, saying, “Repent ye, repent ye, and seek no more to destroy my servants whom I have sent unto you.” Hel. 5:29

    A quiet voice

    The voice was not a voice of thunder. It was not loud. It was quiet, like a whisper, yet everyone could hear it. Hel. 5:30

    Lamanites were afraid

    The voice spoke three times, and the ground and the prison walls shook. The Lamanites couldn’t run away. It was too dark, and they were too frightened. Hel. 5:31–34

    Nephi’s and Lehi’s faces were shining

    A man who was once a Nephite saw through the darkness that Nephi’s and Lehi’s faces were shining. Hel. 5:35–36

    They were looking up toward heaven

    Nephi and Lehi were talking and looking up toward heaven. The man told the Lamanites to look. They wondered to whom Nephi and Lehi were talking. Hel. 5:37–38

    Aminadab said they were talking to angels

    The man, who was named Aminadab, told them that Nephi and Lehi were talking to angels of God. Hel. 5:39

    Lamanites told to repent

    The Lamanites asked how to get rid of the cloud of darkness. Aminadab told them to repent and to pray to God until they had faith in Jesus Christ. Hel. 5:40–41

    They prayed

    Alma, Amulek, and Zeezrom had already taught these Lamanites about Jesus. They prayed until the dark cloud was gone. Hel. 5:42

    Pillar of fire around all of them

    When the darkness left, the people saw a pillar of fire around all of them, The fire did not burn them or the prison walls. Hel. 5:43–44

    Lamanites felt great joy

    The Lamanites felt great joy, and the Holy Spirit of God filled their hearts. Hel. 5:45

    A voice whispered peace

    A pleasant voice whispered to them, “Peace, peace be unto you, because of your faith in my Well Beloved.” Hel. 5:46–47

    Lamanites were blessed

    The Lamanites were blessed because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Angels came down from heaven to be with them and help them. Hel. 5:48

    Many saw what had happened

    About three hundred people saw and heard these things. They went out to tell others what they had seen and heard. Hel. 5:49–50

    More Lamanites believed

    Most of the Lamanites believed them and put away their weapons of war. Hel. 5:51

    Lamanites stopped hating Nephites

    The Lamanites stopped hating the Nephites and gave back the land taken from them. Hel. 5:52

    Lamanites became righteous

    The Lamanites became a righteous people, even more righteous than the Nephites. Many Lamanites went with Nephi and Lehi to teach the Nephites. Hel. 6:1, 6

    Illustrated by Jerry Thompson